At Sunvalley Communication we help our clients with strategic publication planning - we call this an Integrated Publication Approach for Effective Data Dissemination or InPress.

In this process our teams focus on the organizational and practical work of shaping scientific data (especially data from clinical trials) and health economic arguments, and turning this into manuscripts to be published in peer reviewed, medical journals or presentations during medical society meetings.

Beyond the basics
Beyond the basics of publication planning, we also help in creating the scientific narrative - the comprehensive and communication strategy to position a specific therapy designed to establish the mission and vision of a particular therapy and brand.

Working within the confines of strict marketing regulations, Sunvalley Communication supports the unique publication needs of our clients. We have a highly experienced and diverse team of publication managers, science and medical writers and editors, all of whom hold advanced scientific and/or medical degrees and are solely dedicated to publication strategy, planning and execution. And all of our team members understand the 'art of storytelling' to present scientific and medical data in order to increase comprehension and (physician) engagement (for more information see: Changing Physician Behavior: Our Educational Philosophy).

Strategic Engagement
At Sunvalley Communication we help our clients engage stakeholders.

Strategic Engagement requires tailored communication for different drug development phases. It includes engaging with clinical trial management, key opinion leader/therapy experts (KOL/Expert), and patient advocacy/support groups.

Through dissemination of scientific data, key economic data, clinical trial outcomes, presentations, meeting abstracts, attendance at medical society meetings and conferences, congresses, symposia and participation in medical forums, key opinion leader/therapy experts, patient advocacy/support groups and other stakeholders are instrumental in helping to keep target audiences connected and up to date on a specific therapeutic approach and treatment.

Beyond the hardcore medical and scientific information which may only be targeting scientists or physicians, we also drive engagement by specifically developing communication tools focuses on reaching healthcare, medicine, pharma, business/economy reporters and journalists as well as policymakers, influencers, patients and patient advocates.

For each target audience we shape the scientific narrative to drive a positive opinion, engagement, and sentiment for our clients brand, drug or therapy.

Digging Deeper
At Sunvalley Communication we design a scientific narratives to help our clients develop and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. To succeed in this approach, our teams 'dig deep' into the available scientific data to gain a fundamental understanding of what the information conveys. We 'dig deep' to understand the important therapeutic environment, how our client's brand's or (drug) product’s unique value proposition evolves, and how this can help in designing a globally aligned scientific narrative to advance our client's strategic brand, drug or therapeutic vision.

Refining the Scientific Narrative
A scientific narrative is a 'living document.' At Sunvalley Communication we help our clients by frequently updating the narrative, adding new findings from clinical trials to the 'drug profile' by revisiting the available information and refining where necessary. This process starts early in the drug development process and is part of the overall strategic communication process.

The Mix
With the growing influence of social media conversations such as on Twitter, Threads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and trending discussions in online (medical) forums, the scientific narrative is an essential tool adding value to our client's brands, (drug) product, or therapeutic vision.

The scientific narrative is also a critical tool in our client's communication strategy, requiring it to effectively resonate with the right audience to ensure that the messaging is powerful enough to garner the attention of news and (medical) media, and connect with key opinion leaders/experts and influencers.

Our expert publication planning team is familiar with all applicable regulatory environments and are experienced in the full range of publication planning services

Sunvalley Communication can support you in meeting your publication planning objectives with abroad range of services, including:

  • Publication Plan development
  • Publication GAP and competitor literature analyses
  • Medical/scientific writing and editorial support
  • Publication Management
  • Consultancy in GPP and related guidance
  • Publication metrics and milestone achievement
  • Support with publication tracking databases
  • Editorial Planning
  • Storytelling/Narrative Development

Depending on your needs, each publication plans varies in content and scope. But all publications are unique, they are 'Good Publication Practice' compliant.

Publication plan strategies and tactics are dynamic road maps that change as time progresses and new data, challenges, issues, and competitors arise.

Our publication team will help you keep your publication plan current.

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