To support your unique publication needs, Sunvalley Communication has a highly experienced and diverse team of publication managers, science and medical writers and editors, all of whom hold advanced scientific and/or medical degrees and are solely dedicated to publication strategy, planning and execution.

Our expert publication planning team is familiar with all applicable regulatory environments and are experienced in the full range of publication planning services

Sunvalley Communication can support you in meeting your publication planning objectives with abroad range of services, including:

  • Publication Plan development
  • Publication GAP and competitor literature analyses
  • Medical/scientific writing and editorial support
  • Publication Management
  • Consultancy in GPP and related guidance
  • Publication metrics and milestone achievement
  • Support with publication tracking databases

Depending on your needs, each publication plans varies in content and scope. But all publications are unique, they are "Good Publication Practice" compliant.

Publication plan strategies and tactics are dynamic "road maps" that change as time progresses and new data, challenges, issues, and competitors arise. Our publication team will help you keep your publication plan current.

Our publication team will help you keep your publication plan current.

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For more information about Publication Planning and how Sunvalley Communication can help you meet your goals, please contact Shaun Mehr.