Onco'zine The International Oncology Network

Onco'Zine - The International Oncology Network (ISSN 2168-5339) publishes a broad range of topics and timely updates with information from all oncology and hematology disciplines and subspecialties.

ADC REVIEW | Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates

ADC Review / Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates (ISSN 2327- 0152) is an open access, peer reviewed, journal discussing the ongoing research and development associated with antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).

International Journal of CAR T-Cell Therapy

The International Journal of CAR T-Cell Therapy is initiated with an aim of promoting the progress of discovery, development, manufacturing and use of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-Cells and upholding Science and Technology using an Open Access Approach.

The Oncology Directory

The Oncology Directory is a companion to Onco'Zine and The Onco'Zine Brief, and provides a comprehensive, member-driven resource to search, review, compare and connect with all of the key stakeholders involved in the development of novel anti-cancer agents, diagnostics and treatment of patients with cancer.

Changing Strategies In the War on Cancer

With interviews with key opinion leaders and leading experts, Changing Strategies in the War on Cancer investigates and examines the development of new approaches in diagnosing and treating cancer as well as the complexity in developing and manufacturing novel and innovative drugs. The Series Premiered in August 2016, with new episodes are planned for 2024. Click for more information.

The ADC Directory

The ADC Directory provides a seamless exchange of information between businesses and professionals focused on the research, development and manufacture of antibody-drug conjugates. Members have the opportunity to share reviews, articles, videos, events, products, career opportunities and more.

The Onco'Zine Brief

The Onco’Zine Brief is an independent, informative and educational radio concept designed to help oncologists, hematologist, oncology nurses and anyone involved in the management and care of patients with cancer as well as patients and their caregivers with comprehensive and cutting-edge information.

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