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In the last decade, there’s been a fundamental change in the flow of healthcare information. The traditional top-down model is now an open dialogue between patients, physicians, researchers, developers, payers, and government regulators. This revolutionary and fundamental shift requires a higher level of expertise from your communications partners.

Unlocking your brand’s potential requires dedicated strategic excellence at every juncture—from market insights to strong editorial message-delivery solutions;

professional education to results-driven creative design. That’s what you get from Sunvalley Communication: world-class healthcare communications expertise that bridges every discipline and every channel.

We’re a dynamic team of credentialed healthcare education specialists who are experienced in developing engaging medical educational content and programmes for a global, regional and single market audiences.

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Strategy Development

At Sunvalley Communication we partner with our clients in every stage of strategy development and execution - from initial planning, development and implementation.

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Multimedia Productions

Sunvalley Communication offers multiple technology-enabled products and communication tools designed to match your communications strategy. In addition,  Sunvalley Communication has partnered with InPress Media Group in developing various targeted oncology publications.

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Publication Planning

To support your publication needs, Sunvalley Communication has a highly experienced and diverse team of publication managers, medical & science writers and editors.

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Medical & Science Writing

At Sunvalley Communication our expert scientific and medical writers can help you create targeted, medical and scientific communication tools that meet your specific needs. We develop communication tools  tailored to your target audiences.


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Stakeholder Engagement

Sunvalley Communication offers multiple innovative, creative and effective communication programs designed help you engage with your key stakeholders

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Professional Education

Sunvalley Communication develops sponsored, evidence-based, state-of-the-art medical education for physicians who treat patients with cancer, hematological malignancies, infectious diseases or neurological disorders.


And More...

  • KOL mapping + advisory boards
  • Medical Society Meetings
  • Medical & scientific messaging
  • Publication planning + journal articles
  • Insights and consulting
  • Trade-shows and events
  • Launch Campaigns and Events
  • Branding and Identity Development
  • Editorial and Writing Services
  • Strategic Counsel and Planning
  • Congresses + symposia
  • Custom Publishing


  • Accredited meeting content
  • Scientific messaging
  • Message delivery
  • Creative Services
  • Patient advocacy group partnerships
  • Patient + cancer information, tools + resources
  • Adherence programs
  • OTC Campaigns
  • Disease awareness Campaigns
  • eDetailing & websites
  • Media buying and Placements


Next Steps...

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