Sales Enablement is a general term referring to a host of activities designed to focus on and improve the skills, ability and knowledge of your sales team and help them better execute on their key sales activities.

During the Sales Enablement workshop Sunvalley Communication helps you and your sales teams to assess activities, determine how well your sales team and their managers are performing their respective duties. How skilled are they? How effective are they in their roles? How well is your sales force is performing across a range of performance criteria? And if the performance is sub-par, how can you support your team to get better results?

This dedicated onsite workshop is developed by a team of seasoned and experience marketing and sales executives guides your executives and sales leaders to:

  • Define what’s working and what is not
  • Review objectives / targets, create sense of urgency, clarify business impact and craft visual story
  • Deliverables include:
    • Executive Briefing Presentation
    • Sales Conversation Story Map
    • Sales Training Video
    • Position Paper and Campaign Support Package
  • Key advantages:
    • Unique opportunity to clarify your messaging, redefine your value proposition and clearly communicate your vision for the future
    • Create consensus within your team through a proven, that pulls all key stakeholders into a guided workshop

Next Steps...

For more information about the onsite sales enablement workshop and how this can benefit your sales team, please contact Contact Us.